teanapples (teanapples) wrote in protrudingbones,

new member

hello I am new and here's my stats.
username: teanapples
Age 16
H: 5 2
CW: 108
LW: 106
HW: ~125
BMI: around 19.8 :[
STG: 105
LTG: 98
mia for more than half yr
Pressure from family. disgust w/ self image. Tired of being called strong/healthy/big/"developed" by my family, especially my extende family. I used to do track and all the girls were sticks and so pretty AND athletic. Another big trigger was a trip bk to my hm country, china, and all my family members were expecting this dainty, pretty, small girl and most of them (the nicer ones) when they saw me said I was very muscular and "healthy." Basically most asian girls are stick skinny and I'm the fat granddaughter of my family.

I hope I will be accepted. Thanks everyone.
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